About Us.

In the eighties, Thom McGinty became famous as The Diceman due to his street performances in Dublin's Grafton Street on behalf of The Diceman Games Shop, now no longer in existence.

The Diceman then became Diceman Living Visuals and gradually evolved into a promotional and entertainment business. Alongside Thom a variety of talented performers, makeup artists and costume/prop makers came on board to help bring to life the various "visuals" that were commissioned by a rapidly expanding corporate and public relations sector. In 1995 the Company, his family and his friends suffered a huge loss due to his untimely death at 42 years of age. Although nobody will ever equal his unique performance style the Company has continued to grow due largely to the talents of a new generation of performers and designers.

Diceman Living Visuals provides a unique service to those looking for something a little bit different. if we can't find it we'll make it… if it can be done we'll do it…